What is PM?

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What is PM?

Post by Masthera » Fri Jul 01, 2005 9:18 am

PM is the private message service provided directly through phpbb. The feature allows you to send other members of the board private messages.

Find the member you wish to contact. Click on the PM icon at the bottom of their post screen. Click on that link and you will be brought to the PM screen. Type in a subject plus your message (just like you type in a regular post). When finished click send. You can also access a member by clicking on the members highlighted name while in the mail phpbb screen. That will take you to their profile screen and you will find the PM icon there also.

At the top right of the phpbb screen you will see your register for messages. If you have messages you can click on the "You have # new messages" that will bring you to your inbox. If you have no messages, doing the same will still bring you into your inbox.

Your messages will appear. phpBB allows you to see your messages newest to oldest, and you have a choice to view them (see top right of all message folder) as:

All Posts
1 Day
7 Days
2 Weeks
1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
1 Year

Once read you can reply now or wait until later. Once you are finished with the message you may choose to save or delete it by clicking in the "mark" box. If you don't click on anything, your message will automatically save in your inbox. There is a special "Savebox" for when you check "Save Marked".

You can also access your sent messages by clicking on your "Sentbox". Messages are first stored in the "Outbox" once you send the message. The message will move from the "Outbox" and into the "Sentbox" once the recipient reads it. This allows you to know that your message was picked up.

If you see any of your messages still lingering in the "Outbox", then the person you PM'd to has not opened it yet. Some members don't check their PM's too often. Also while it is in the "Outbox" you are still able to edit your PM.

PM limits are as follows:

    Max posts in Inbox - 100
    Max posts in Sentbox - 50
    Max posts in Savebox - 100