Fascia tightening?

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Fascia tightening?

Postby BrittyM on Wed May 18, 2011 8:59 pm

You may find this funny, but its an honest question..

So from the reading I've done on fascia, as I understand it thickens when under pressure. I have this book called the Endless Web and it says thats how our bodies are formed after we are born; from the pressures and pulls of sitting, crawling, walking, etc. So tension produces thickening fascia. Makes sense.

It made me wonder about other things though.. like eyes. Lately I've been dismayed because I'm starting to get wrinkles around my eyes (I know, common story). Even more recently something has been irritating my eyes and I've discovered how lovely rubbing them can be :) My eyes don't get a lot of rubbing - I wear contacts and make-up and have been very good about not touching my eyes for both of those reasons. But, now I wonder, because of the lack of movement and pressure around my eyes due to my not rubbing/touching them have I actually sped up the wrinkling process? And now, rubbing them, am I stimulating fascia growth and thickening - possibly strengthening the delicate skin around my eyes?

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Re: Fascia tightening?

Postby Taoist on Thu May 19, 2011 3:19 am

I think that's actually a very interesting concept. Every conversation I've ever had with an esthetician involved not rubbing your eyes too hard and being oh-so-gentle when you put your makeup on or wash your face because of how delicate your skin is around your eyes, but now I'm wondering if the opposite is true. What they say has never really made sense to me, anyway!
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Re: Fascia tightening?

Postby WaltFritz on Thu May 19, 2011 4:54 am

OK, first off, I never understood how the skin around the eye, or for the face for that matter, can be so much more sensitive or delicate that skin on most other parts of the body. Skin is skin, correct? Maybe it is guy ignorance or skepticism of the cosmetics industry.

As for fascia thickening when under pressure, one would need to define abnormal pressure/strain. The skin is designed to hold up to a lot of different stimuli, pressure included. I believe that what was meant by it having the tendency to thicken under pressure is in regards to larger forces over periods of time. Unless you are exerting large amounts of pressure I doubt if you are speeding up the wrinkling process.

In my training I was taught that you can reduce wrinkles with myofascial release. But, we were told that you can fix anything and everything with myofascial release. Take everything with a grain of salt...wrinkles MAY be caused by fascial strain patterns, so a bit of treatment may be fun and worth a try. Worrying/stress may exacerbate wrinkles as well. Try to to worry about them!
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Re: Fascia tightening?

Postby GreenDragonfly on Thu May 19, 2011 5:33 am

I think it makes sense that the wrinkles form because the skin is thinner and there isn't as much support structure under them (muscles) The skin on the back of the hands succumbs to similar fate as we age.

Dr. Mercola has some interesting articles about reducing wrinkles and collagen loss with the use of red light tanning beds used correctly. I have not had a chance to read what he says at length, but it sounds interesting!
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Re: Fascia tightening?

Postby MarionFM on Thu May 19, 2011 6:08 am

When you apply gentle sustained pressure into fascia - and remember, everywhere you have skin you have fascia underneath - you help to re-hydrate the area and soften the fascia. That is the basis of how MFR works.

One of the main reasons for wrinkles is thought to be the loss of collagen in the underlying tissue or fascia. So applying gentle sustained pressure into any of the skin of the face should help with hydration of the tissues which will make the area look fuller. Better than Botox!

For what it's worth, I have always liked rubbing my eyes and I don't have any more wrinkles than other people my age, and probably less!
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