CST and trauma patients.

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CST and trauma patients.

Post by Gaspen » Thu Apr 24, 2008 3:40 pm

You mentioned in another thread that you've worked with trauma patients/clients using CST. Could you explain how this happened and the benefits were? Also, after taking which class level would you advise waiting for until working with this population?
cstbrian wrote: I think what you are referring to is energy cyst location and release. This you learn in CSTII. Energy cysts tend to be the underlying primary source of the client's symptoms. It is way to much to get into in CSTI since you are just learning to feel the CSR, feel releases, and treat restrictions. The 10-step protocol you will learn helps to treat the major areas of fascial intersection in the body where energy cysts tend to get stuck (though they can be anywhere in the body). However, the 10-step is a more structural assessment/treatment of the body. It is a great overall treatment for the health of the craniosacral system, but may not directly address the underlying energy cyst.

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