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Postby HandsOnHealth on Thu Jul 20, 2006 11:05 am


Has anyone tried Xango? My mom and I have been trying this natural supplement called Xango that seems to be helping with a few different things and am considering adding it to my massage practice. I was wondering if anyone else has used it and had results.

What its done for me and my mom is.
Mom: helped alleviate the pain from her diabetic neuropathy (sp?), has helped with her arthritis, and migraine headaches.

Me: has helped with my ADD am concentrating better and am on no medication for it, and PMS symptoms.

I am just wondering if this is a fluke or if people are really getting help.

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Postby kemilyna on Thu Jul 20, 2006 7:45 pm


I'm just a MT student, not a practitioner. But, my MT suggested that I take Xango daily to help me heal. The stuff is wonderful. I've been weaning myself off of it bit by bit because of the cost, but it gives me energy! It has helped with post-chiropractic adjustment inflamation, and helped me get over a doozie of a respiratory infection more quickly than others who got the same thing.

I have a friend who has fibromyalgia, and she swears the first time she drank Xango was the first time in months that she had a couple of pain-free hours.

Hope this helps :).

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Postby StressSolutions on Fri Jul 21, 2006 5:34 am

It is (in my opinion) an antioxidant. Any use of a good anti-ox will help with those aforementioned conditions. Whether it is drinking some red wine, chewing on pine bark, making the bark into tea, or eating red grapes seeds and all...or taking OPC-3, or xango, or a few others, you will see benefits.

Seems as if xango is one of the more expensive ones, which is why lots of people opt to "sign up" to be a distributer, so they can get it cheaper.


Postby Blisss on Mon Oct 23, 2006 8:54 pm

What I don't like about Xango is:

1. The high price
2. The multi-level marketing, instead of straight retail sales
3. The "cure-all" claims

It may help people (like many things do), but I wouldn't buy their product for the above reasons.

P.S. I have clients who have tried Xango -- taking a high daily dose for months and they noticed no permanent improvement in how they felt.
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xango tango

Postby HealthTouch on Tue Jul 10, 2007 2:21 pm

Tried 4 bottles of it. Tasty, expensive fruit juice. Like someone said - full of antioxidants, but I didn't notice any health improvements so I wouldn't make any claims about its healing powers....I get many more benefits from a greens drink. At least it can't hurt to drink Xango though!!!
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