CST and pregnancy and infants.

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CST and pregnancy and infants.

Post by Gaspen » Thu Apr 24, 2008 3:33 pm

I tend to be conservative when working with pregnant women and women who have recently given birth because I believe it's important for these populations be seen by qualified practioners (people who have been trained specifically to work with these people).

With that said, is it safe for a therapist who has not been trained specifically in pregnancy massage to utilize CST pre- and post-birth?
cstbrian wrote: You could begin working with pregnant clients after CSTI. The 10-step is safe for moms-to-be given that we are working with 5 grams of pressure. It will not hurt mom or baby. You could also start to work with children after CSTI.

However, if you really want to know the specifics of working with pregnant women, children and newborns, and wish to 'specialize' in that area, I recommend taking some of the more advanced classes that teach the specific work.

It's kind like this ...
I know Swedish massage. If one of my massage regulars became pregnant and wanted to continue to see me and not another MT through her pregnancy, I could probably pull of a nice Swedish massage for her. If one of my clients wanted to bring in his/her child to try a massage, again I could do a basic Swedish massage. In neither of these cases could I do specific work because I have no further training with pregnant women or kid issues and bodies. It wouldn't hurt to do a nice Swedish massage and may help them out, but it might not be as specific as they want/need.

Does that make sense?

CSTI will teach you the basics of how to safely work with almost anyone without hurting them. But you can take classes to get as specific as you want. I just recently took a class called 'The Brain Speaks' which covered neuroanatomy and physiology as well as how to dialogue with different brain parts. Now if someone comes into my office post stroke I have more tools available to work specifically with the area of the brain that was injured as well as a better knowledge of the circulatory system of the brain. Perhaps I could dialogue to support the brain creating new neural pathways or re-routing circulation if needed.

I hope I haven't gone on too much of a tangent. My advice is to just be prepared for and enjoy the first class. I think you will find that with what you learn in CSTI you can do a lot for people! It just depends how deep into this work you wish to go and possibly (like me) how much of a sponge you are looking to soak up CranioSacral information.

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Post by AngEngland » Fri Jun 06, 2008 4:27 pm

My son recieved quite a bit of cst work in the first few weeks after his birth by my chiropractor who had only had the level one training. It was very effective for him in balancing some birth trauma. Including "evening out" a ridge along his skull where he had been engaged in my pelvis. I needed/wanted the work to be done sooner, rather than later, because at the time of birth the bones are softer and more maleable than later in life once they begin to harden. :-) He now has a much smoother, less ridged skull. *laughing*

Anyway - I just wanted to point out that our chiro was able to combine his knowledge and intuition and skill with the basic cst to be very effective in this particular case. It wasn't anything serious or super difficult but it sure did help my son! :-)

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Re: CST and pregnancy and infants.

Post by cstbrian » Sun Jun 08, 2008 11:48 am

Gaspen wrote:With that said, is it safe for a therapist who has not been trained specifically in pregnancy massage to utilize CST pre- and post-birth?
YES!! As you now know (from finishing CSTI :woohoo: ) using 5 grams is incredibly safe and incredibly effective. Using CST pre- and post-birth will help the mom with so many issues: back/sacral pain, hormone balancing, depression, stress relief, etc. CST will help to create the best possible environment for the fetus to grow and thrive. It will also prepare mom's body for the best possible labor and delivery.

I would not recommend working on the newborn until one has further training and experience.

If you have specific questions, you know I'd be happy to discuss them. :smt045

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