need input on EO' decision...

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need input on EO' decision...

Postby lavenderfan on Thu Feb 19, 2009 10:19 am

Hi there...

Due to chronic l5/s1 dengerative disc disease, stenosis, and annular tears, I have become an overnight huge fan of massage as it is just about the only thing that relaxes my lumbar muscles (tramadol helps too, but I have to function during the day for work :grin: ).

As a few months have gone by, my LMT has begun using lavender to calm my stresses and I have been noticing that it helps too.

Not knowing much about EO's, I began researching the company / oil she has used, and thus...brought me to this site.

I am thinking about doing a career change..import / distribute this brand.

I dont't want to become a TROLL and mention anything in these posts, or advertise it, but would love to get a round table discusssion via PM or email about EO users in this forum.

Peace to all.

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