MF & emotional release?

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MF & emotional release?

Postby Elliemare on Sat Apr 28, 2012 8:53 am

Do clients often have emotional releases with MFR? I'm just wondering if this is a common occurrence or not. Do emotional issues or triggers come up in MFR sessions?

Just wondering.
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Re: MF & emotional release?

Postby JLWmassage on Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:04 pm

I do a lot of MFR work and this hasn't happened to me, but I also don't do the John Barnes style of MFR the course I took is based on Hellerwork.

I would think that if you go through the John Barnes training with the fasical unwinding you maybe more likely to have SER with a client.
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Re: MF & emotional release?

Postby JaeMarie on Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:37 pm

One thing I noticed when taking Barnes MFR1 and MFR2 classes, is that there was little in the way of emotional releases/unwinding among people just learning the work until he explained it. After that, you couldn't throw a rock without hitting someone that was "unwinding". After a couple days of this he mentioned that sometimes people will "unwind" if they feel it'll please the therapist, or if the therapist is encouraging it too much. He pointed out that we should be paying more attention to practicing the techniques he was showing us, etc, etc. Suddenly, the number of unwindings dropped drastically.

I have yet to have anyone have an emotional release during MF work, but have had it on a handful of occasions during other work.
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Re: MF & emotional release?

Postby WaltFritz on Sun Apr 29, 2012 4:38 pm

Ah, the phenomenon of seminar unwindings...As you said, there is a group energy that certainly fosters unwinding at seminars. This is seldom discouraged, so I am surprised you witnessed that. Unfortunately many therapists leave seminars feeling that unwinding is essential for complete resolution of pain and they seek it out in their patients. Every therapist finds their comfort zone with unwinding. It seems that the therapist who continually unwinds at seminars will have patients that unwind all of the time. It does become about the therapist's expectations.
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Re: MF & emotional release?

Postby maestra on Mon Apr 30, 2012 8:31 am

WaltFritz wrote:Ah, the phenomenon of seminar unwindings...As you said, there is a group energy that certainly fosters unwinding at seminars.

I was Very Aware of the Group Energy by the lunch break during day 1 of MFR1. Everybody seemed to be in a lot of chaos. And while there were some interesting unwindings I didn't feel the number was excessive. (It is good to remember though, that there is often a number of more advanced MFR therapists in any JFB MFR seminar and these are often the first to volunteer for demonstrations.)

ElIiemare, some sessions for me as a client, are very much about the structural work (JFB MFR), and at other times when I have been enduring a lot of stress, then an unwinding & emotional release may occur. Sometimes my unwindings only take the form of a localized freeze - thaw, other times they are bigger. (Sudden close inspection of carpeting! LOL)

Do I expect an unwinding or emotional release for my clients experiencing MFR? No. Does it happen sometimes? Sure, even with clients experiencing MFR for the first time though usually not in a overly dramatic way. I do my best to be a calm supportive presence while they work through what they need to work through. If they experience an emotional release, I may suggest that if they are into keeping a journal they might want to try writing in it later. They don't really need to tell me what is going on, KWIM?

WaltFritz wrote:Every therapist finds their comfort zone with unwinding.

Really Walt? I'm still waiting for the comfort zone with unwinding to appear. For myself, and for my clients. LOL

Perhaps it is because of the environment in which I work (spa)... but unwindings and emotional releases don't happen very often for my clients.
When they do, just like when a client falls asleep on my table during a swedish or therapeutic massage... I always consider it an honor and a sign of their trust (that they feel safe).

As I said I try to be calm, supportive, and to just let things "unfold" how they need to for the benefit of the client.

And since clients may seem to fulfill a therapist's expectations as Walt mentioned, I feel this is why a number of JFB MFR therapists are into working with horses to develop their skills.

Elliemare, I hope this has helped you some.
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Re: MF & emotional release?

Postby MarionFM on Mon Apr 30, 2012 9:41 pm

I have been to a number of John Barnes seminars where there was a ton of unwinding. In fact, after the first seminar, I nearly did not go to any more! I did decide to go.

Since then, I have taken MFR from several other teachers and there is much less emphasis on unwinding.

Some clients unwind but, as others have said, sometimes it is local and sometimes it is very subtle. I think it is important to watch for patterns in unwinding. Does the person unwind the same way over and over again? This could mean they are stuck - perhaps you could start treating them starting in a different position.

Or, are they using unwinding as a shield or mechanism whereby they are are not releasing what needs to be released. I have suggested that the person not unwind - at that moment - but look inward and feel what is going on - sometimes they will get a greater release.

Just a few thoughts.
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