How does your multi-therapist office handle differences?

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How does your multi-therapist office handle differences?

Post by truepeacenik » Tue Jan 08, 2013 12:34 pm

Actually, I wanted to put in gender differences, but it was too long.

I'm an IC at a spa. We have one male therapist, the co-owner, and he rocks.
Unless the client brings up gender, we book with the person available and best for their needs.
We do ask in a couples massage if anyone has a preference.
Now, we are in an area where "couples" doesn't mean a mixed gender couple necessarily. We get mom-daughter, lesbian couples, gay couples, just friends on a spa day (usually female, have seen one mixed).

What do you and your coworkers or booking staff -should you be so lucky- do to keep the work evenly spread between therapists, and specifically to not lock out a therapist based on gender?

I see a tendency for our guy to push his deep tissue, but we have females that are as good depth wise as he is, and more experienced.
I'm not sure using a public perception of brawn is beneficial.
My standard line is that I had a continuing education class with him and his technique was stellar.

In his defense, I get the vast majority of oncology, accident and people wanting Thai/Shiatsu, as those are my emerging specialties.

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