Hello from Adelaide, South Australia

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Hello from Adelaide, South Australia

Postby Jeremy on Sat May 12, 2012 7:42 pm

Hi everyone, I'm Jeremy, currently studying a Diploma of Remedial Massage in Adelaide, South Australia.

I've been lurking in the background for a couple of months now, and some of the information and indirect advice has been quite valuable to me.

I think it's great that such a forum exists for us to share experiences and knowledge...helping us all grow and develop in the process.

It also gives us the opportunity to talk to others, who are similarly boxed up in a darkened, quite often windowless room for many hours a day..... :P

I've decided to switch to becoming an active participant on these forums today, to try and broaden the scope of the forum a bit, as a lot of the experience is obviously US based, and while some things are obviously universal across the globe, others, such as customs and legalities are not. It's great that more people are joining the forum from other countries, and I would like to encourage them to also become active participants in discussions. Perspective can sometimes become a little difficult to come by, if we never get exposed to something different ;)

so there you are.....now lets open this up for all the handbag sellers to spam in :roll:

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Re: Hello from Adelaide, South Australia

Postby akashafive on Sun May 13, 2012 2:28 pm

Welcome! :) :smt006
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Re: Hello from Adelaide, South Australia

Postby pueppi on Mon Sep 03, 2012 11:35 am

Welcome! It's always exciting to see new members from different countries. We're glad you've decided to take an active part in posting. I see that you have "4" under your belt so far. Don't be shy... jump on in, and any post you see that could help us understand how things are done or are different in AU, compared to where most of us post from (the US) would be highly beneficial. Please bump old threads where you can, to add in any AU info. :)
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