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Location in Your Profile

Post by Texas-gal » Tue Apr 11, 2006 5:57 am

Dear BWO Members -

If you should choose to post your location information in "Location:"
on your profile, please take a moment to consider posting your State or Country FIRST - then follow it with a city/area if you like. BWO does not list you in the memberlist by your State, but with the first letter of the first word you put in the "Location".

Listing this way will make it easier for people to know who is in their state and for search purposes when trying to send a PM to others in their region.

Example: If you list yourself "Hollywood, Texas" - you show up in the H's and not under Texas. This makes it hard to find others from Texas unless you know the names of all of the cities. The same goes for all the other states!

Thanks for being a part of BodyworkOnline.com! :)


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