How can you tell if a cat is hurt?

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How can you tell if a cat is hurt?

Post by HumanRemodeling » Thu Aug 06, 2009 4:37 pm

There is a cat that doesn't like shiatsu along her back, there is a particular place in her ribs that makes her jump. However, sometimes she allows it.

How can I tell if the ribs have been injured?

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Re: How can you tell if a cat is hurt?

Post by Rose of Sharon » Thu Aug 06, 2009 7:26 pm

Honestly, I'd take her to a vet if I thought her ribs were injured. If it is "just" that she doesn't always like shiatsu, though, it's just because she is a cat. They have strong personal preferences that change moment to moment. I work on ours when they want it, and don't work on them when they don't want it.

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Re: How can you tell if a cat is hurt?

Post by squash_blsm » Fri Aug 07, 2009 7:20 am

My Reiki Teacher used to joke about her cats and energy work.
When she would do energy work on them they would look at her like...
"'re not doing it right." :roll:
Many cats are, (or believe they are, )great energetic healers.
My cat will jump up on my when I am doing some energetic self treatment and start to "help"...
I will be working on heart chakra and he will start licking,
I will be working on solar plexus and he will start "making biscuits" on my belly (ouch!) to really drive that energy in there!
When my energy is low he will come and just sit on my chest and rev up the purr to get some healing enrgy flowing.
He is not otherwise a friendly or cuddly kitty.

So anyway...
with cats, they seem to prefer giving energy to receiving. If the cat doesn't like or want physical or energetic work just honor them and give them space.

And I 2nd Rose of Sharon - if the cat seems to have an injury a vet would be best qualified to evaluate. If there was no recent trauma then it could be an old injury or just a structural difference she was born with. So not much that you would do for treatment. But if it's something else at least you would know.
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Re: How can you tell if a cat is hurt?

Post by Talenyn » Fri Aug 07, 2009 8:54 am

How long has it been going on for? If the cat was injured I'm sure you would get some growling, yowling, hissing, maybe even a warning bite. But, if you're really worried, take the cat to the vet.

I have one cat that LOVES reiki, can't get enough of it, and she is a healer herself, you should feel how warm her paws get! My other kitty, only when she is sick.

However both my older girls do lay with my 17 year old dog when she is having a bad day. All I have to do is put a blanket on her and they will curl right up with her. All my girls supervise Bailey in her daily routines, from medicine to food. It's kinda funny there are always there when I do something new, wanting to inspect. LOL
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Re: How can you tell if a cat is hurt?

Post by AnastasiaB » Fri Aug 28, 2009 1:38 pm

My cats hiss, spit, and SCREAM in kitty language when they are hurt. They also pee where they shouldn't and generally make so much noise as to make it clear they are miserable. Also, not eating, being listless and totally unlike their normal selves are other clues.
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