Creating A Luxury Chair Massage

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Creating A Luxury Chair Massage

Post by healingfaerie » Sat Nov 17, 2012 7:29 pm

i've been doing chair massage for a little under a year now, and am starting to incorporate some Thai techniques to the client experience. (talk about fun...) i want to add in more spa-like treatments that are simple and not too invasive or involved. i've considered bringing a small blanket for their back...nice n cozy...and if i decide to do supine work, to bring an herb pack for their eyes. any other ideaS?
i do the work in a grocery store, so music would be awesome, but i'm unsure how to go about that and worried about loss of communication.
any thoughts or feedback would help, i already do aromatherapy, too! for free! :lol:

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Re: Creating A Luxury Chair Massage

Post by pueppi » Mon Nov 19, 2012 7:10 pm

I've always done chair work with music in the background. Years ago I had a gig at a bank - weekly to every-other week. I took a small CD player with me. But, with the advent of the iPod, if you have that kind of device, you could just get some battery powered speakers I would think.
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Re: Creating A Luxury Chair Massage

Post by maestra » Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:04 pm

Using aroma therapy in a difusser can be a nice luxury touch for the client... but you may need to consider that some people may have trouble with allergies or scent sensitivities. Personally you can't burn sage around me or I will get nauseous... though I don't mind the essential oil. My Mom had an allergy to eucalyptus and could not stand it in the plant or essential oil.

Music is a nice touch... and as pueppi mentioned with an iPod product and small battery operated speakers you can create a little island of sound in the mass confusion that is a grocery store this time of year. Since one assumes that there may be holiday music going on this time of year... what about providing the sound of waves or crackling fire... to add another "layer of sound" rather than compete with what's going on with the store's speaker system?

What about something like "Hand warmers"? If the client is coming in out of the cold... it might create a nice impression if there is something to warm them up when it's so cold outside. Does the grocery provide free coffee or tea to their customers? Can they set that up near you? Thus providing even more "attraction" to the area around your chair?

I don't do a lot of chair massage... but do have a few ladies at a CPA's office that I see during tax season. So, I will sometimes offer to massage their hands with a nice hand cream if they are going to be 'done for the day' following their massage. The nice thing about that is... we both get to have nice soft hands @ the end of the treatment. LOL
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Re: Creating A Luxury Chair Massage

Post by JasonE » Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:10 pm

How about using a wider array of massage/bodywork techniques to differentiate what you do from other chair MTs?

Instead of bringing more stuff that you have to haul around and which will increase your cost of doing business, you might benefit more from diversifying your skill set. This requires some study (preferably live hands-on training), but will be valuable to you in any venue.

For example, I have learned to incorporate Strain Counterstrain (and other forms of positional release), Active Isolated Stretching (and other forms of stretching), and Dermoneuromodulation (DNM) into the way I practice chair massage. These approaches require less physical effort for me, less pain for the client, and they are great for building a clientele.

For example, I did a corporate chair massage gig a few weeks ago. One guy came for 20 minutes, complaining of hip/leg pain from running. The other MT had no idea how to help him, so she sent him to me. In 20 minutes of DNM, most of his pain was gone. Today he came to my office for an hour table session, and his wife saw me for an hour immediately afterward. Both of them rebooked for another hour each and I expect that they will continue to return for at least a few months. In the table sessions I did with them, I kept them dressed and used... Strain Counterstrain, Active Isolated Stretching, and Dermoneuromodulation, plus some orthopedic testing and Muscle Energy Technique.
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