Chiari Malformation

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Chiari Malformation

Postby papasmurf on Mon Sep 15, 2008 3:12 pm

A good friend of mine has Chiari Malformation

(the lower portions of the cerebellum, known as the cerebellar tonsils, protrude through the opening in the skull known as the foramen magnum and into the spinal cord canal.)

Image Image

She had surgery a few months ago to help correct the problem. (mind you this is a permanent condition) This was done by cutting the back of her skull open, and shaving down the top 2 vertebrae, and placing back the skull.

She can receive regular massages just fine. I am just very weary of massaging her neck. (I'm a confident massage therapist but I don't want to go as far as touching the occipital area since that's where she is most vulnerable)

Is there any possible treatments for post surgery massage to alleviate neck stiffness and pain?
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Postby Ella Menneau on Mon Sep 15, 2008 3:34 pm

I would really love a few minutes on the phone with her surgeon to get some very detailed guidance about how to proceed if I were you.
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