New York State Licensure By Endorsement ???

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New York State Licensure By Endorsement ???

Postby seanthompson on Tue Jun 01, 2010 3:52 pm

I hope I'm in the right forum; new to this.

I received my original massage license in Texas in 2000. 250 hours class / 50 hours internship.

I moved to California, and I've worked under a city license for 8 years. The State passed a law for Statewide licensure,
and I have been licensed by the State since February.

I am moving to New York State, and I have sent all paperwork in for licensure by endorsement. After 4 months, I was e-mailed that I have to have additional hours to qualify for licensure, even by endorsement. I am willing to go to school, but I have to work to support myself while I go to school, and my job for 11 years has been massage therapist!

Can I work under a businesses' license (like a spa) while I go to school and get my hours to earn my own license?

Help! Thanks, Sean 760-844-2073
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Re: New York State Licensure By Endorsement ???

Postby jmillermn on Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:42 am

Hi Sean -

Endorsement issues can always get a bit hairy, and your's is a particularly tough case since you've been working in the field so long. The trouble is, licensure by endorsement is set up in just about every state that has it, to allow credentialed MTs to come in and get a license in the new state, so long as the requirements in the old state compared to the new state are roughly equivalent. Your original state, TX, for a long time required the lowest number of hours than any other state in the country, and now you're moving to a state with the highest number of hours required in the country.

It's admirable that you are willing to step up and play by their rules to get the hours you need, and I certainly understand your need to work in the transition. Would it be feasible to stay in CA, keep working under your CA credential and get those hours before you move? That way you could keep working while you're in school... You'll want to be careful about the hours you do as well - what I know of NY is they have not only a high number of hours required (1000), but a very specific breakdown of what those hours need to include, so before you pick a school to go to, make sure the time, effort and money you put in will actually get you the specific requirements you're needing.

It sticks in my mind that NY used to have an option for endorsement for MTs with 500 hours as well, if they also have other training or education, even if unrelated to Massage Therapy, but that may have changed. Something to ask about, if you have completed any college hours or other trainings. Along those lines, you also could call the NY folks and find out if the CE credits you have taken over the past 11 years might count in your favor.

Also, some states also have a "temporary permit" or "limited use" option that you could ask them about. (I think in most states that is for applicants who are just waiting for their application to be processed, so they can start working, but it's worth a shot.)

Just some ideas - Hope it helps.
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Re: New York State Licensure By Endorsement ???

Postby akashafive on Tue Aug 10, 2010 1:58 pm

NY does have a temporary license which allows one to work under another person's license (that LMT must be present at the location the entire time you are working as they are your "supervisor" and responsible for everything that you do). However, as previously stated, I also believe it is only valid for those who are simply waiting to take the state exam and receive their license.

You could still look into getting work in a clinic/spa/wellness center, etc. working the desk so as to stay in the field and have an income while you complete the hours needed. I had a classmate who did this and I believe she ended up working as an LMT there after she graduated.

I was originally license in NY and am currently trying to get my license in NH. I have to say that while I don't envy you, I am extremely impressed with anyone who does go through the process of moving to NY and getting their license! I wish you the best of luck with everything and I hope you will keep us updated:)

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Re: New York State Licensure By Endorsement ???

Postby RelaxandRejuvenate on Wed Aug 11, 2010 3:23 am

NYS is a major pain.

One of our FL trained therapists with 7+ years of experience and regular CEUs still needs 2 semesters of schooling before they will let her sit for the NYS exam.

Then the exam is only given 2 or 3 x per year.

Any chance someone in Albany will wonder if there is a correlation between the incredible hassle and lead time in being able to get a job and the state's wretched unemployment stats?
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