Europe goes for 350 hours

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Europe goes for 350 hours

Postby Dragonflies on Sat Sep 17, 2005 8:32 pm

According to the Reflexology in Europe Network (RiEN)'s Education Coordinator, the adoption of 350 hours for practicing requirements has been decided upon. He regrets that this may preclude those in existing practice with less than the newly adopted 350 hours.

The importance of having a set standard for countries helps to keep continuity in the profession. The International Council of Reflexologists has gathered surveys of conference attendees on education and will be publishing the reports later this year or the beginning of next year. It will be interesting to see what countries are excelling and which are lagging in this area. It will also be interesting to see the stats on those that teach reflexology and their government, association or board regulated requirements. Results will most likely be published in the ICR newsletter available to members only. Information on joining can be obtained through their website at:
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